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We have very comprehensive dietary information available for all of our products.

Contact us on 020 8807 6584 for details.

Food from around the world
Providing world class catering solutions
We offer a complete range of Halal and Kosher Foods A large range of world class foods made from the finest ingredients Halal and Kosher catering supplies
Put a smile on your face with our range of World Class World Foods Kosher and Halal Food for the retail market Kosher and Halal Foods for the caterer Multi-ethnic foods including Kosher and Halal as well as hospital approvied culinary cuisine
High Class Kosher and Halal Cuisine High Quality Kosher Foods We offer the very finest Halal Foods We offer high quality certificated halal and kosher foods for the catering industry We can prodice you with the finest certified halal and kosher foods